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by | Jun 20, 2017 | Uncategorized

As you might have already heard by now, BossTech is the latest tech intelligence solution for companies that are looking to develop websites, apps and more that not only meets the highest industry standards, but also costs a fraction of the usual price.

There is a variation of industries that BossTech provides its services to, but today we want to go into more detail as to why the fastest growing digital marketing and web agencies chose us to be their tech provider and how we are constantly meeting and exceeding their expectations.

1. BossTech allows you and your local staff to focus on high value activities

What we mean is by you outsourcing your tech work to BossTech, not only you let the experts deal with what they know best, but you are also winning more time to look after your clients and bring in more business.

So in actual fact, you are paying for one benefit, but you’re receiving two in return: get high quality work done, and also get your own personal time back, which allows you to bring in more revenue and focus on the things you enjoy doing the most.

2. BossTech helps you save 50-70% on labour costs

By extending your team with BossTech, you get extremely skilled professionals that are committed to delivering highest quality works at a fraction of the cost. So instead of paying $50-70K per year for a typical tech staff, you pay between $22-25K per year for a professional that strives to provide you with unique work that is guaranteed to be up to date with the latest industry requirements.

BossTech staff not only have years of experience behind their back, but they are also extremely motivated and eager to impress you with every chance they’ve got. Being part of our well-managed team in our offices in The Philippines, each of our BossTech staff is extremely enthusiastic about each project they receive and are well known for their timely delivery and work ethic.

3. BossTech Staff allow you to increase the range of services you offer

By working with BossTech you basically have access to all the services we provide, starting from web design and development, app development, graphic design, social media, SEO and web maintenance. Your clients prefer way more to work with just your company, as opposed to working with multiple businesses for various reasons. It’s easier in the admin process, they have access to multiple services under one umbrella, and ultimately, they they trust you more.

So by using BossTech, you can offer even more services under your brand’s signature, feeling safe that you have your own team of people, with their own systems in place, management layers and team leaders that are willing to turn your business into the money machine machine that you envisage.