Why Your Website Needs To Be Mobile Friendly

by | Aug 10, 2016 | Feature

As of last year more than 50% of internet navigation was done through a mobile phone. By 2017, figures suggest this will increase by 13%, making it mandatory for websites to adapt to these changes.

Mobile friendly, also known as ‘responsive web design’ is a website’s ability to be viewed on different devices. Why is that important? Because internet users like to have the versatility of navigating on websites anytime they want. Statistics have shown that a user is likely to check one website from multiple devices on different occasions. From a laptop or PC at work, on the phone while commuting or running errands, or from a tablet in the comfort of their home.

Here at Boss Tech we have noticed that websites that are 3 years or older are usually not mobile responsive, meaning they don’t fit on a mobile device or tablet, they take too long to load, or don’t have the touch screen option enabled which makes the navigation more difficult. What does that translate into? A lot of bounce rates off your website because your users don’t have the patience to look at what you’re selling.

As if bounce rates and unhappy visitors wasn’t enough of a reason to have a mobile friendly website, starting 2015 Google has launched the ‘Mobile-friendly Label’ which penalizes websites that are not mobile friendly, and rewards the ones that are.

Case you’re still wondering if this is for you, let us put it this way: if half your traffic is coming from mobile devices, are you aware that you’re 50% short on your conversion rate as well? Add the pressure of your competitors having mobile friendly websites, and you run the risk of dropping your conversion rate even more.

So if high bounce rates, low rankings, low conversion rates and unhappy visitors is not what you’re after, for your sake and your business’s, don’t mess around with our website.